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Our all-inclusive Metering and Billing solution is designed to make tracking and paying for energy charges easier for tenants. As a streamlined service with an interactive panel installed into each property, our AI integrated system gives customers peace of mind knowing that there will never be unexpected bills, all while tracking and predicting upcoming energy usage.

Chameleon Metering & Billing is currently operating in 10 tower blocks across Scotland, as we work together to reduce fuel poverty and improve quality of life for tenants.

Metering & Billing

Payment Options

Topping up your Metering & Billing payment card is easy, and can be done by visiting any PayPoint store, calling the payment phone line below or by paying online. These options are outlined in detail below. To top up you will need your PAN number to hand, which is located below the barcode on the back of your Metering & Billing payment card.

Metering & Billing

Topping up at a PayPoint Store

To top up your heating meter, take your barcoded card to your nearest PayPoint store where you can top up any amount from £2 to £300 in a single transaction. All PayPoint stores accept cash payments, while debit and credit card payments can be made at the discretion of the PayPoint retailer. To locate one of over 29,000 stores where you can top up, please follow the link below:

Metering & Billing

Topping up by Phone

If you would prefer to top up your heating meter over the phone, this can be done free of charge at any time or day. To top up your heating meter over the phone, please call the 24-hour automated payment line on:

Metering & Billing

Topping Up Online

To top up your heating meter online, please click the link below to access the top-up portal. You can choose to create a new account, make a quick payment without registering or login if you have previously registered.

With all three payment methods, once you have topped up your barcoded card, your credit will automatically transfer onto your meter. Try to keep your meter topped up with enough credit to avoid any potential disconnection to your heating supply.

Our Policies

Terms & Conditions

All payment cards remain the property of the landlord. If you lose or damage your card, you can contact your designated concierge to obtain a replacement. These cards should be returned if you move properties. If you are moving, please let your designated housing concierge know, in order for them to deactivate your account. This M&B system is only available in your building, and your next address may have a different system with a different supplier.

It is important for all tenants to note that Chameleon are not an energy provider, and are only responsible for providing the billing services for your energy payments. If you have any urgent problems with your heating or other energy services, you should get in touch with your housing association contact or your energy provider directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Transfer The Credit To My Meter?

Once you have made a payment by topping up PayPoint, your credit should show within 15 minutes. If this does not happen, please allow 10 minutes for the system to update.

Please ensure that when your credit is running low, that you allow enough time for your top-up to arrive on your meter. This will help you to avoid using the emergency credit facility, ensuring that is available for actual emergencies.

How Do I Top Up My Credit Without A Card?

You must have your top-up card to top up your heating meter at a PayPoint Store. This card is linked to you and your property.

If you have lost your barcoded card or need a replacement, you can contact us to request a new one. Whilst waiting for a new card to arrive you may have to activate your emergency credit.

How Do I Activate Emergency Credit?

To activate emergency credit, simply press the “Emergency Credit” button on your tablet in your hallway (shown in image below). The prepayment meter has £10 of emergency credit, which will automatically be paid back from your account when you next top up your card.

What If I Have Run Out Of Credit And Cannot Get To A Paypoint?

If you cannot top up your meter and your credit is about to run out, or you have completely run out, the system has an emergency credit facility. This allows you to borrow credit, which will reconnect your supply for a short period of time.

The first time you top up your card after activating the emergency credit function, the amount of emergency credit you have used will be automatically deducted from the amount credited.

The emergency credit facility becomes available to activate when your credit value reaches £0.00. If you have an issue with topping up past the time of your emergency credit, please contact us.

How Do I Let You Know If I Am Changing Address?

You must contact us and let us know when you are moving. This will unlink you and your account to the property you are staying in. Your next address may have a different system with a different supplier.

What Can I Do If I’ve Lost My Card?

If you lose or damage your card, you can contact us obtain a replacement.

Why Is My Top-Up Card Not Working?

Please contact us and one of the team will investigate this. In the meantime, you may have to activate your emergency credit. If your emergency credit is due to run out, please contact 0800 321 3571.

What If I Do Not Receive My Credit?

If you haven’t received your credit by the time indicated above, please contact us on 0800 321 3571 and we will work with you to resolve the issue. Please ensure that you keep all your transaction receipts in case you need to contact us.

What Is The Minimum Amount You Can Top Up?

The minimum amount you can top up is £2.00, up to a maximum of £300.00 in a single transaction.

Please be aware, the billing and metering system installed in your property has charges applied when used. This is standard for all systems. The charges are as follows:

  • 30p will be charged for every transaction you make

This charge will always stay at 30p regardless of the top up amount.

We advise you top up with as much as possible to avoid multiple charges on smaller amounts.

How Do I Contact By Phone?

You can contact us by phone by calling 0800 321 3571, which is the general customer enquiry number. This is a 24 hour a day helpline. This helpline will take a message and pass it onto the relevant department who will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible. Please only use this number for issues relating to your meter or tablet.

If you encounter issues with your card or topping up, you can contact our customer support team.

Contact Us

If you need any assistance with your metering and billing account, or have a query relating to the system, you can get in touch. Please complete the form below, and our team will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Pan Number

A PAN Number is a unique code used to identify users of our Metering & Billing services. To find your PAN number, please refer to your Metering & Billing payment card, where you will find the PAN number located below the barcode on the reverse of the card.