Chameleon Energy Efficiency Insights

Supporting the journey to EESSH2

Chameleon Digitization are industry leaders in developing IT solutions tailored to meet with the unique requirements of our clients in the public sector. Our latest innovation is a software product, built to support housing associations across the UK in understanding the energy status of their housing stock. Chameleon Energy Efficiency Insights (EEI) is a data modelling solution created to help clients become EESSH2 complaint in a cost-efficient manner through data tracking and evaluation of their investment plan over time.

EEI on Display

Market-Leading IT Solution

The Chameleon EEI dashboard stores data from client’s EPC assessments to analyse and develop plans for improvement measures to reduce energy and carbon in housing. The data is displayed in a dashboard for users to view updates in real-time, presenting the status of their housing stock in a clear structure. The system defines areas for improvement and how to achieve them, covering budgeting, timeframes, and locations. The required improvements are mapped out within the customer’s portfolio, so they can carry out the work in geographical clusters and implement changes to manage budget and staffing. Our solution does the work for clients providing the necessary data to make suitable upgrades to housing stock, improving both cost and energy efficiency.

Meeting Government Regulations

The Challenge

The Scottish Government’s EESSH2 agreement for 2032 is in place and there are significant milestones for housing associations to achieve to ensure their properties are prepared for a sustainable future and hold an EPC rating of band B or above to meet with the desired regulations. However, housing associations have faced challenges in extracting the necessary data from their EPC assessment, understanding the current state of compliance of their housing portfolio, and the impact of missing Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) data. As a result, many housing associations have been unable to establish accurate budgets for the programme of works required to facilitate EESSH2 compliance.

Consequently, an independent survey of housing associations found that 70% of firms were not confident they would reach the suitable EPC rating to meet the Scottish Government’s deadline of 2032. In this time-sensitive context, Chameleon Digitization identified the need for a solution with structure and management of all data in one place. 

Specialised Solutions for Individual Requirements

How EEI solves the challenge

The Chameleon EEI dashboard provides a complete view of the housing association’s stock on the EESSH2 compliance journey, presenting a detailed plan leading up to 2032, showing deliverables and deadlines.

Chameleon’s modelling software automates the implementation plan of necessary improvement works and generates a strategy to facilitate this work. As these plans are followed, the EEI software tracks several key metrics outlining EESSH2 progress including compliance rates, SAP ratings, remaining improvement costs, and property emissions. Through this approach, we provide all the accurate information a housing association needs, reducing admin time, the effort in manual planning, and eliminating unknowns.

Financial plans generated by Chameleon EEI models the most cost-efficient programme of works taking into account the projected rate of inflation. Chameleon also provides a micro and macro view of the required improvements, allowing the client to interact with the software at a scale and scope that meets their specific needs. The system puts together a programme of works for the client keeping costs low and the complexity of the works to a minimum, so the user can identify the necessary changes to reach the required EPC rating.

Throughout development we focused on customer empathy, identifying areas where they would need assistance, adding features over time to grow with the customer’s needs. The dynamic dashboard reflects changes to highlight progress, helping clients update their strategies over time as upgrades are made across their housing stock to continually make financial and tangible plans on how and where to carry out improvements. Through this method, we take clients on their journey to energy efficiency rather than offering a solution for immediate benefit only. With cost projections, social housing providers strategise and prioritise energy efficiency efforts effectively.

What we offer

Chameleon’s clients are able to review the status of their housing portfolio, which includes the current and potential state of compliance, SAP ratings, and emissions.

Chameleon EEI highlights properties that require further energy modelling or have missing EPCs.

The Chameleon EEI dashboard offers complete historical tracking of all key metrics, such as the current and potential state of compliance, SAP ratings, emissions, costs, and missing EPCs.

Chameleon EEI generates financial plans that provide the order, quantity, and cost of implementing improvements. Housing associations are able to customise the rate of projected inflation and other key variables, to ensure accurate cost projection.

Implementation planning provides a detailed view of the EESSH1 and EESSH2 programme of works, allowing inspection of the programme of works by town, postcode, and individual address.

Chameleon EEI simplifies the Annual Return of the Charter (ARC), relating to energy efficiency reporting.

Our customers

EEI use a brand-new product, yet our clients have already reaped extensive benefits from using it. For example, in the first year of use, one of our clients reported: