Metering & Billing

The Challenge

Heat Suppliers must ensure that the Heat Networks they operate are compliant with the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations introduced in 2014 and amended in 2015 and 2020. Many heat networks across the UK established prior to this legislation are now non-compliant and as such, their operators at risk of enforcement action.

The purpose of the regulations is to drive energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions from heating. Energy efficiency gains are achieved through the installation of metering and billing solutions based on consumption, which will decrease the use of energy and reduce consumer bills, and result in associated carbon emission savings.  Average savings of 20% on annual consumption are estimated for domestic dwellings where metering devices are installed, whilst ensuring fair and transparent billing for customers using district and communal heat networks. 

Legislative Requirements

The Heat Network Metering and Billing requirements can be summarised into 3 categories. Primarily, heat network providers must provide notification of the heat network to the Government in terms of its status and capacity, and subsequently, they must establish a sufficient metering, & billing system to manage use of the heat network.

In most scenarios, heat network providers are required to install an adequate heating system and ensure the system receives ongoing operation, maintenance, and replacement of meters.  Meters must accurately measure, memorise, and display consumption of heating/cooling.

Additionally, the Heat Supplier must ensure that bills for the consumption of heating, cooling or hot water are accurate, based on actual consumption, and contain all the billing information specified within The Regulations.  This billing information ensures that customers are able to view their energy used and how much they have been charged for this. Compliance with these legislative requirements are a challenge for many heat network providers across the UK, who are unable to accurately track the energy consumption within their housing stock.

Our Solution

Taking note of this challenge across the UK Social Housing Sector, Chameleon Digitization have developed Chameleon Metering & Billing, a turnkey software solution that allows housing providers to design, install and operate a bespoke Metering and Billing service which will meet all of the requirements of the regulations and the unique requirements of their housing stock.

Winner – Innovator of the year 2022

Working closely with key stakeholders within public sector organisations and heat network developers, Chameleon Digitization manage the development of Metering & Billing during new Heat Network installation to ensure compliance from the Heat Network’s first date of operation.

For retrofit projects, Chameleon are able to carry out a GAP analysis of existing heat networks and prepare a report to identify areas of non-compliance and make expert recommendations as to the most efficient and cost-effective way to remedy these areas through a bespoke Metering & Billing solution.

Benefits of Chameleon Metering & Billing

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