Energy Efficiency Insights – GHA

Chameleon’s EEI dashboard is transforming our clients transition to net zero, reviewing and providing data on 6675 properties for housing associations across the country. In total, Chameleon have generated approximately £11,000,000 of savings for our clients throughout their journey to EESSH2 compliance.

Energy performance certificates (EPCs) are a required piece of legislation for all homes, when they are built, sold or rented out. Valid for 10 years, the purpose of the certificate is to give the property an energy efficiency rating, ranging from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), and highlight where the most energy is consumed and can be saved through various upgrades.

Giving a better understanding of emissions produced and where these come from, reviewing housing stock performance is essential as we work towards the Government’s net zero targets. Housing providers can use EPCs to decide where future improvements should be carried out on properties, allowing them to be made more energy efficient, resulting in a better place to live for tenants.

The energy insights software also provides tools to allow the client team to inspect properties, see them geographically mapped and provide a list of required works. This geographical mapping process allows the housing team plan and carry out work in selected locations within their housing stock, supporting with effective time and resource planning, and allowing all necessary work to be carried out conveniently. This has a positive effect for the client, as it saves their maintenance teams time and money, and results in happy tenants whose homes are kept in good condition.

Through this data review process, we have also supported our client with identifying properties within their housing stock which are missing EPCs, allowing building surveys and reporting to be carried out. Grampian HA’s housing stock now has EPCs for 94% of their properties, compared to the 74% from before using our software, reducing the guess work involved in their investment planning.

We have since rolled out this product to additional housing associations in Scotland, allowing our energy efficiency insights to review and provide data on 608,000 properties across the country. In total, we have identified approximately £11,000,000 of savings, when a dashboard is used for grant funding applications.